Electronic Document Management System

Cloud Document Storing, Document Scanning,  Document Tracking, Document Downloading

The Optimal Data Documents Management System(DMS)is a software platform that stores, tracks, and control electronic documents and scanned paper documents. The system is built upon an electronic filing cabinet baseline functionality.

As a Legal Document Management Software, it has functionalities and additional features to accommodate industry-specific legal needs. It fits the need of corporate offices involved in managing large volumes of mixed paper and digital documents in a variety of formats and maintains a highly searchable filing system with critical privacy controls.

Features of The Document Management System

Document Storage

The system facilitates an environment that enables documents to be stored and managed digitally in the cloud.

Document Numbering & Indexing

The system adopts a standard document numbering technique that interprets incoming text files for custom naming and indexing function.

Custom Metadata & File Linking

The system enables users to add Tags, notes and dates to help organize documents.

Powerful Search Engine

A powerful live-search function is built into the system so users can search not only by the names but also by metadata.

File Versioning

The system allows users to upload a new version of a document and preserve the existing metadata and all the earlier versions of the file.


The system allows users to setup reminders and notifications at a certain date and time.

Multi-Platform & Mobile Friendly

Documents on the system can be configured to be accessible to users from Pcs, Macs, Tablets and Smartphones.

Automatic & Local Backup

The system's automatic backup program can be configured automatically take backups daily, weekly, monthly or annually.

Safety & Security

All uploaded data are securely backed up and bank-level encrypted in the on the system. All the data are safely stored and transferred via secure SSL layer.

Notification & Audit Trail

The system also enables users to set and get automatic notifications for changes in documents or folders as often as they want. Furthermore, its advanced Audit Trail logs every action of all users for accountability.